Have you adapted yet?

Smart TV reaches fresh new audiences fast.

Tap into this global stampede... with your own TV channel (live in 30 days) and virtually no cost.*

No Big Tech worries, it's your platform.

For certain businesses (Direct Response etc) owning a Smart TV channel is now a lifeline. Plus a FUTURE PROOF asset - perfect for coaches, trainers and mentors especially.

ZERO learning curve.

TINY competition.

Get your Smart TV Channel live in 30 days.*

You on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Samsung etc.

Our partners have launched over 64 channels so far. Your channel is almost FREE* so why not?

Coaches, Mentors, Trainers... Global TV audiences can pay you monthly, or buy your merchandise. Reserve your channel now.

VOD - Video On Demand

TV Channel with VOD, Live Streaming. Viewable on TV, Laptop, Mobile etc.

CTV - Connected TV
Channel on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, Android TV

DFY - Want Done For You TV?

Enjoy hands free TV management. Our team run your Smart TV channel.

The GIANT story about this Smart TV bonanza? People are desperate for NEW CONTENT!

.... especially since Covid. Your channel can be their answer, live in 30 days.*

Big Tech worries? We can help, this is 100% your own TV platform...


Plus you don't need...

a) Huge resources to set up a TV channel b) Any tech knowledge at all. c) Fear of censorship.

Early Bird Offer - Free TV Channel Set Up (Plus Enjoy Ad Revenue)*

What's the catch? Well, time limits. This offer is part of our launch campaign. It will sell quickly. Inquire how to reserve your channel offer now.

So if you want your business on TV quickly and affordably

Then Fast Easy TV by George and Alston Media can help launch your own Smart TV channel... without needing to learn new tech.

Who are we?

We're two passionate Scots with a new business who believe in "TV by the people for the people."

We're only small but our team can help you launch your Smart TV Channel in 30 days.*

For online coaches, mentors and trainers it's perfect.

Remember because your set up is free - you can give our service a good solid try 100% risk free. Oh by the way, no ongoing monthly fees either (*You will pay for extra bandwidth and storage once your initial allocation is used up. (NOTE: This offer will close soon. Then there will be an initial set up fee plus ongoing monthly fee).

Does that seem reasonable?


Questions concerning the creation, launch and promotion of your Smart TV Channel or TV and Internet Advertising? Then book a call.

(NOTE: We use Vectera for our calendar bookings. (Fully secure). A new page will open).